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About company

Dirane Trading embraces diversity

Founded by Thabang Selala back in 2011. Dirane trading (Pty) Ltd is a broad based BEEE led by a team of outstanding man, bringing together their various business & leadership skills. Our sole intention is to use our combined strengths, partnership with other BEEE, established companies, government & parastatal to be part of the transformation of our country & its economy.

The leadership of the company is committed, responsive and reliable and will be proud to have you as our customer.

Aims & Objectives

Aims & Core Values

Economy Contribution

To contribute towards the elevation of the country’s economy and to eliminate the ever-rising graphs or rate of unemployment especially amongst the youth by creating jobs thereby alleviating poverty.

Youth Empowerment

To avail to the youth especially the new graduates a much-sought experience in commercial, economic, human resource, industrial and other related fields to enable them a breakthrough in the country’s mainstream economy.

Principle of EI

To realize the principle of economic independence and to be a leader in the supply and maintenance industry by providing an enhanced service, relationship and profitability.